The new Neurosoft’s branch in Hong Kong

On the 21st of April 2014 Neurosoft has opened the first branch in Asia. Creating a new branch is a part of international expansion path of the company. Neurosoft already has its offices in Warsaw, Aachen (Germany) and Palo Alto (USA). This time, the company's branch network was expanded to a new location in Hong Kong.

‘Despite of the high technological advancement level of telematics solutions in Asia, still there is a considerable potential for the development of innovative companies such as Neurosoft. We are aware that the presence of our company in this region will improve communication and contacts with potential partners. ‘ said Janusz Wrobel , President of Neurosoft.

The company has its headquarters in the business center of Hong Kong. The city is one of the world’s best economic and financial centers . It is a place of close cooperation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and in particular innovative companies from around the world. Hong Kong ‘s ambition is to create a world-class knowledge-based economy . Therefore, a region intensively promotes and supports research in the field of technology and technology transfer. With the help of KOTRA all the formalities related to the establishment of the branch have been simplified to    a minimum.

‘Our trade mission connected with the opening of a new branch in Asia, has already produced measurable benefits. We managed to sign an agreement with two biggest companies in Asia, dealing with ITS business. ‘ confirmed President Janusz Wrobel. Talks are held for over a year now and on the 15th of May 2014 names of the two big players will be revealed.

Neurosoft is a global leader in providing technology for the identification and recognition of vehicles. Systems are supported by IT engines based on neural network technology. The solution became an effective tool to promote road safety and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS ). The products allow, i. a. for non-invasive detection of the vehicle presence and automatic recognition of its license plate, make, model , and color. It is also possible to determine the instantaneous speed of moving vehicles and the latest functionality of the system is an identification of vehicles carrying dangerous goods (ADR).


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