The 2017 Polish ITS Congress is almost here.

The 10-th Polish ITS Congress will be held in Warsaw from 16th to 17th may 2017. The Congress is organized by the Association “ITS Polska”. As usual, Neurosoft is taking part in the most important event in the ITS industry, this time however, the company is presenting its new product – the Neurocar PRK system. Neurosoft is also a Gold Sponsor of the Congress.

The Congress will take place in the Sofitel Victoria Hotel at J. Piłsudski square. Neurosoft has prepared its own stand as well as a presentation regarding the use of neural networks in the parking management systems. The presentation will happen on the first day of the Congress and Piotr Krukowski, the Head of Sales at Neurosoft will be the speaker. Janusz Wrobel, the CEO of Neurosoft will be present throughout the entire event, and is one of the moderators of the congress sessions.

During the event Neurosoft will present the two new systems from the NeuroCar product line. The NeuroCar PRK Balance calculates the number of free parking spaces at  dedicated off-street parking lots, such as, mall parkings  and rest areas near highways. The number of free parking places is calculated using the entry and exit data generated by ANPR cameras and LIDAR scanners. Entry and exit from such a parking lot is free, meaning, not controlled by barriers. Currently 19 of these systems are being installed along the A61 highway in Germany. NeuroCar PRK Spots is a system that automatically calculates the number of free parking spaces at open-space parking lots, including on-street, such as, paid parking spaces in the city. The number of free parking spaces is calculated analysing the image from digital PTZ cameras. The parking systems offer is made complete with NeuroCar PRK Access Control, a system dedicated for parking lots near companies, authority buildings and living blocks, where the number of free parking spaces is linked with the access control to the parking lot.

It is worth mentioning that entering the Congress is free for representatives from public administration. People wanting to partake in the Congress can register using the website. We welcome you to take part in the Congress and to visit Neurosofts stand.

Neurosoft Sp. z o.o. – is a Polish IT company registered in Wroclaw (Poland), specializing in the application of artificial Intelligence in practice. The company’s strategy is to sell their innovative products based on unique technologies such as digital image processing, analysis and synthesis of speech and natural language processing. The main product line includes NeuroCar – a system for the vehicle identification.


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