Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a branch of Information Technology aiming at solving the tasks which require intelligent behavior, sensual data analysis, planning and logical thinking when solved by humans.


Various sub-branches of artificial intelligence are present in many aspects of our business:

  • Image analysis and recognition – optical character recognition, number plates recognition, car makes recognition.
  • Natural language processing – grammatical and semantic analysis of texts, text correction and disambiguation, automatic anonymization.
  • Speech synthesis and analysis – adjustment of the intonation to the content of message; recognition of the language of the synthetized text; audio mining  – searching for information in audio recordings; speech recognition of high precision, adjusted to the particular language situation in specific dictating systems.
  • Neural networks and machine learning – in speech recognition and image analysis, among others.
  • Searching for information – intelligent methods for full-text searching, methods for creating ranks of results, methods for finding documents of similar type to the given one.
  • Genetic algorithms – a general-purpose tool for solving some optimization problems in off-line mode; used, among others, in determining the optimal parameters for speech recognition and determining the algorithm classifying the search results.

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