Strengthening the cooperation between Neurosoft, Korean Telecom and Daewoo International

On the 29th of April 2014 in Seoul the memorandum of understanding between Neurosoft, Korean Telecom and Daewoo International was signed. The cooperation is related to the worldwide Intelligent Transportation Systems development and implementation.

The agreement speaks of mutual cooperation in the field of ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems). Neurosoft as a one of the world leaders in the field of identification and recognition of vehicles has been appreciated by some of the biggest Asian companies from the automotive and telecommunication industries and has been invited to sign a cooperation agreement. The ceremony was attended by the Vice-President of Korean Telecom Corporation Mr. Yun-Jay Kim, the Vice-President of Daewoo International Corporation Mr.  Seung-Hoon Lee  and the President of Neurosoft  Mr. Janusz Wrobel.

‘Last year we made a decision to expand the Asian market. Today’s signing of the agreement is only a confirmation of our aspirations in the ITS industry. We would like to provide our technology throughout the world, especially to the places where high economic growth determines the use of intelligent road traffic solutions.’ – said President Janusz Wrobel .

The signing of documents coincided with the international Global Business Plaza 2014 conference. GBP is an annual event organized by KOTRA – governmental business development agency, which invites to Korea the most valuable and innovative companies from around the world. From 28th of April to 3rd of May, during the conference, Neurosoft held many interesting meetings and was able to present the latest system solutions from a NeuroCar family.


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