Smart tunnels – Neurosoft at Congress in Rostock

On 25-26 February in Rostock, Germany was held the Congress of technology "Deutscher Tunnelkongress für Betriebstechnik, Sicherheit & Telematics" in order to improve safety in tunnels.

The main theme of speeches at the Congress was the safety of vehicles and drivers in about 330 tunnels in Germany and neighboring countries. During the two days all the relevant issues concerning the proper preparation of the infrastructure, the use of modern technology in monitoring systems and issues related to the organization and traffic engineering were raised. Among more than 150 participants of the Congress were also great numbers of representatives of the Polish Police, State Fire Service of Poland and Civil Protection (Disasters). Obviously, the representatives of companies in the Intelligent Transport Systems sector participated in the Congress, including Neurosoft.

The organizer of the event was the ITS Germany. Since February 2015 Neurosoft belongs to that organization, thus our CEO Janusz Wrobel had the honor to deliver a lecture titled “The use of video technology in the tunnel”.

“The increased volume of traffic on German motorways enforces the use of more innovative solutions to improve safety on the road lane and, in particular, in tunnels.” -said Janusz Wrobel.

At the same time Neurosoft presented their extensive and specialized portfolio of products at the City Hall.

Experts in various fields had the opportunity to present, from their perspective, the state of the infrastructure and technologies used in German tunnels.

“Tunnels in Germany are safe and in good condition” – confirmed Bernhard Steinauer, Director of the “Institut für Straßenwesen an der Technischen Hochschule Aachen”

“Despite this, there is still one weak point – the man” – commented Simone Saalmann of ADAC- “Observations confirm that drivers often react too late, or enter the tunnel in spite of the red light phase. “

Apart from taking part in many discussions and experts’ statements, participants had the opportunity to visit the first German road tunnel financed by private funds -Warnowtunel Rostock.

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