Safer crossings on Polish roads by mid-2015

Main Inspectorate of Road Transport and Neurosoft have entered an agreement for the performance monitoring system for entry into the red light for CANARD Central Processing System (CANARD - Centrum Automatycznego Nadzoru nad Ruchem Drogowym – Centre for Automatic Surveillance of Road Traffic). It will be installed at 20 road intersections across Poland. In total, this extensive multi-visual network will cover over 250 HD cameras integrated within CANARD Central Processing System. The solution has successfully passed a test phase and is currently in the first stage of design work. The system should be ready by mid-2015. The solution will significantly improve Road Safety in designated areas.

The solution was chosen by the tender procedure prepared by GITD (Main Inspectorate of Road Transport) for the purchase of equipment recording infringements involving vehicles violating the red light signals. Cameras that are a part of the system, will conduct the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) of vehicles, whose drivers did not follow the rules on the road. The chosen product has passed performance tests for monitoring and measuring devices, which took place in April 2014.

System NeuroCar RedLight in the near future will be one of the main elements of the Centre for Automatic Surveillance of Road Traffic. The purpose of implementation is to adopt the habit to comply with the traffic regulations related to red light. We want the drivers to stop accelerating when approaching an intersection on a yellow light phase. Particularly important in this context is to protect pedestrians against the effects of accidents caused by drivers who do not stop at a red light, and reduce the number of side collisions between vehicles – says Ireneusz Potasiak, Head of Installation Department in Centre for Automatic Traffic Enforcement – Apart from the issues related to the security the system will improve the flow of vehicles in the area of ​​intersections with traffic lights.

Testing of the new system was held in accordance with the scenario, which is part of the terms of reference of partial order. GITD has created a faithful imitation of the road conditions on a dedicated and secured runway of Torun airport. By the means of tape they marked out a T junction and installed temporary traffic lights. Passings and pull-overs were performed by vehicles of different categories, according to the testing scenario. For the tests were used a truck, vans and cars. A total of 800 offences were simulated. Within the tests the system responses to a number of factors that could potentially disturb its function were verified. In each of the simulated cases the system worked properly.

The procurement is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under Infrastructure and Environment Programme. The system, according to the schedule, will be completed in June 2015.


Centre for Automatic Surveillance of Road Traffic is a department of the Main Inspectorate of Road Transport.It was createdin order to conductsurveillance of road traffic i. a. in the area of​​the speed limits. Officestarted itsoperations on the 1st of January 2011.The aim ofCANARDis to increaseroad safety andreducethe number of casualtiesthrough the implementation ofeffective and efficient systemof automatic road trafficsurveillance. At present,the Centremanages300stationary devices(so-calledspeed cameras) and 29mobilerecording devices. The plannedinfrastructure expansion by the year 2015will includethe installation of100 newspeed cameras,29devices forsectionspeed controland installation of 20 control systemsfor control of red light violations.

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