SynTalk 2.0 SAPI

Neurosoft SynTalk 2.0 SAPI is used to generate synthetic speech in the Polish language. It is compatible with the Microsoft Speech Application Programming Interface 5 version. It is partly multilingual, which means that the text can recognize “inserts” of Polish words in other languages (English, German) and pronounces them in accordance with the phonetics of these languages. SynTalk uses the catenet diaphonic synthesis method in the format of 16 bits/24Hz, which makes the quality of the voice highly natural.


SynTalk 2.0 features the following functions:

  • two voices – female and male
  • full speech prosody (intonation, accentuation) supported with the grammatical analysis of the text
  • correct reading of the lexical units of the URL type
  • correct display of the date and time
  • correct reading of abbreviations and their inflections
  • the ability to synchronize the text with the speech
  • the possibility to adjust the speed and volume of speech

SynTalk SAPI 2.0 synthesizer is distributed as a self-unpacking program which adds two additional voices to the Windows operating system. These voices can be used in any application running on Windows and using the standard Microsoft SAPI to generate speech.


Additionally, a control panel is installed which enables:

  • the choice of the voice, its speed and volume
  • registering and saving the speech in a sound file (*.wav)
  • reading of the information contained in the clipboard (activate the clipboard monitor)
  • configuration of reading the time
  • personal selection of hotkeys

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