SynTalk 2.0 Android

Syntalk 2.0 Android is a synthesizer version designed for devices running on Android. System is fully compatible with the Android standard mechanisms converting text into speech, so it can be used in many existing applications.


In the mobile version of SynTalk a great effort has been put on the reduction of resources needed for the operation of synthesis. SynTalk does not occupy much memory and runs quickly even on older phones.

In the current version there is one female voice available which generates the speech with the frequency of 24 kHz (16 bits)

SynTalk requires at least the Android 2.2 version in order to operate.


Exemplary applications which enable the speech synthesis:

  • Google Navigation – provides enhanced voice messages
  • AlarmDroid – instead of an alarm clock a voice message can wake us up
  • Handcent SMS – reads text messages (SMS)
  • Google Translator

In the Android 2.3 (and newer versions) it is possible to use the speech synthesis in the “car mode” – while driving, SynTalk can tell you who’s calling you at the moment, it can read aloud text messages and the incoming mail and also give you the information from your schedule.


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