eAkta – access to court records

The Information Portal is a software which enables on-line access to information related to the case dealt with in court to attorneys and parties.

The system enables access to information on a user’s cases dealt with in a court of law. It can be easily checked at what stage the court proceedings currently are, what actions have been taken and when meetings are scheduled. Electronic version of court records is available and copies thereof can be printed out. Using the website is free of charge, which allows the user to save time and money by obtaining the desired information faster.

Within the Information Portal, it is also possible to access records of court hearings in digital form (E-protokół – www.ms.gov.pl)

E-PROTOKÓŁ (e-minutes) is a new form of minutes from a court session, the so called e-minutes: a recording of image or sound from the court meeting, introduced by the act of 29 April 2010, amending the act – Code of Civil Procedure (Journal of Laws No. 108, item 684), which came into force on July 1st, 2010.

E-PROTOKÓŁ module allows the playback of recordings from court meetings directly from the website. Recordings may be played on the website or downloaded and saved on a media device to be played later. The form of the recording of e-minutes allows the user to pause and listen to fragments of the meeting, easily explore the recording, and play it multiple times without a time limit.

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