number of lanes monitored by the system NeuroCar Red Light in Poland


the average number of offenses per month from one lane


number of milliseconds required to vehicle identification

NeuroCar Red Light- red light violation monitoring system

The NC Red Light system records vehicles entering an intersection (or on the protected area of the road) at a red light and documents these traffic offenses. The course of the entire event is recorded by an overview camera as a sequence of images.



Vehicle identification is carried out on the basis of an automatic reading of number plates from the images recorded by an ANPR camera. Recording and analysis of data, as well as its transmission to defined target groups (police, municipal police) is managed by the NeuroCar Terminal industrial computer.

The system is easy to install and use. Its basic version consists of the following components:

  1. an overview camera monitoring the event
  2. a camera for vehicle identification (number plate recognition)
  3. a computing terminal managing the functionality of the system

The system does not need to be integrated with the traffic light controller.

Advanced image analysis algorithms allow to automatically determine the phase of the traffic lights, and the event is thus automatically recorded by the cameras (overview and ANPR). Each photo has a timestamp, which unambiguously defines the moment in which the vehicle enters the intersection (protected area) and constitutes evidence of a potential offense. The system may be connected to a central traffic violations database and integrated with the CEPIK system (Central Register of Vehicles and Drivers).

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NeuroCar Red Light - registration of driving through a red light

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