time in milliseconds required to vehicle identification


percentage of vehicle identification


number of patterns of vehicles' make and model

NeuroCar Access Control – system to control access to parking areas and demarcated zones

The NeuroCar Access Control system enables full monitoring of vehicles within demarcated zones (parking lots, company premises, demarcated urban areas) and controls the vehicles’ access to those zones. Vehicles are identified on the basis of number plate recognition – ANPR/ALPR and the make and model (MMR) from the images taken by the cameras at control points.

The system operates in two basic versions:

  1. limited access control – after identifying the vehicle (on the basis of the list of authorized vehicles), the system verifies its right to enter a protected area. If the result is positive, a reed switch installed in the camera sends a signal to open the gate. In case of doubt or attempted fraud, an alarm is triggered;
  2. open access control – on the basis of number plate identification, the system records all vehicles crossing the border of the demarcated zone (entry/exit control), calculates the duration of their stay in the zone, (optionally) calculates the charge and enables payment in the form of one-time fee or subscription.

Weight control or other parameters of the vehicle (e.g. heavy goods vehicles) are available on request.

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NeuroCar Access Control - access control system for parking lots and demarcated zones

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