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NeuroCar – Intelligent traffic monitoring system

NeuroCar  system is an effective tool for supporting road traffic safety and a functional solution used in implementation of Intelligent Transport Systems. Innovativeness of this product is a result of long-term research & development. Thanks to digital image processing technology on the basis of video stream from a camera mounted over a traffic lane the identification of a vehicle is possible. The technology lies in detection of vehicle’s presence, number plate recognition (ANPR) and also in make, model and color recognition (MMR). By applying an effective solution of modular system implementation (by adding a functionality of  motion weighing and loop vehicle classification) we received an effective operational work tool for Police officers, Municipal officers, and Road Transport Inspection.

NeuroCar Engine forms the core of the system

It is Neurosoft’s own software, based on neural network technology. Within the identification process, the system defines:

  • the vehicle’s registration numbers and country of origin
  • the vehicle category in classes 4+1 (passenger car, delivery vehicle, truck, bus, other)
  • the vehicle’s make and model (MMR) and its colour

The entire recognition process takes place in real time (less than 120 ms, i.e. faster than the appearance of consecutive pictures from the camera), with the quality of recognition reaching 99%.

Due to its effectiveness and reliability, the system is currently used in many traffic telematics solutions as the core of Intelligent Transport Systems. Projects commissioned by and in cooperation with GDDKiA (General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways), the police and the Main Inspectorate of Road Transport include:

  • intelligent intersections
  • system of motion analysis and detection of traffic incidents
  • overloaded and oversized vehicles detection system -preselection (NeuroCar WIM-P)
  • red-light violation control system (NeuroCar Red Light)
  • average section speed control system (NeuroCar Section Speed Control)
  • separate urban and industrial areas access system (NeuroCar Access)
  • traffic analysis and information points (NeuroCar Statistics)

The system also supports cordon line analyses and integrates Enforcement-type devices (e.g. radars).

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