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A website containing information on subjects listed in Krajowy Rejestr Sądowy (National Court Register). In particular, the website contains complete information on all subjects listed in the register of companies run by the National Court Register (all companies, more than 310,000), as well as publicly available information on subjects listed in the Register of Associations (almost 80,000). In the case of companies, the website contains all the data that has been published in Monitor Sądowy i Gospodarczy (Court and Commercial Gazette) since the inception of the National Court Register (over 2.1 million entries since 2001), prepared and consolidated.

All copies from the National Court Register are available with subscription

Within a fixed subscription fee, the user gets access to documents in the form fully equivalent to the original full extract from the National Court Register along with the history of changes and the current status of all data. This applies to both basic data (name, address, representation) and to the generally unavailable data, such as information on branch offices, prosecution, members of the supervisory body, changes to the articles of association, or information on transformations and takeovers. Presenting the information in the form of an extract from the National Court Register makes it much easier to interpret. The source of information (the original issue of Monitor Sądowy i Gospodarczy) can be referred to at any time.

Complete set of financial statements

Within a fixed subscription fee all financial statements of companies (published in Monitor Polski B since 2001) and of cooperatives (published in Monitor Polski B since 2008) are available. This includes over 113,000 reports selected from almost 22,000 issues of the Monitor (over 1.4 million pages). Documents are available in the form of photographs of the originals, which gives the user insight into detailed balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, as well as statements of changes in equities and cash flow statements. In addition, the available reports contain comments on companies and opinions by qualified auditors. Thanks to the use of Neurosoft BIP™ format, the photographs are of great quality (600 dpi).

Links between companies and individuals in graphic form

On the basis of the data from the National Court Register, over 3.3 million links between persons and entities have been collected; over 50% of these are active links concerning positions held currently. These links relate to 450,000 entities and almost 1.4 million natural persons who hold various positions in the companies from board members through partners proxies and members of supervisory boards to liquidators and curators. Mutual links between companies are also available, such as capital connections or information on transformations. All links may be presented in interactive graphic form, which makes them much easier to interpret.

Extended search engine

The effectiveness of using an extensive base of companies depends on the search mechanisms. The website uses an intelligent Neurosoft NeuroScope search engine, which makes it easy to access information on a given company or person. The company search by name takes into account the specificity of the Polish language (inflection), allows to search for abbreviations and acronyms and also correctly identifies a company even if its name has been changing over time. Apart from the company’s name KRS (National Court Register) and REGON (National Business Registry) numbers search results include the company’s activity and the location of its head office. The search is facilitated by mechanisms which suggest and correct the query.

Data update and notifications

Every day, almost 60 new economic entities are entered into the KRS register, while over 500 change their data. This means that the data of over 18,000 entities changes monthly. Moreover, every month about 1200 new financial statements appear in Monitor B. All these changes are entered into the website’s database and are available (fully processed) within a few days from their publication. Registered users can turn on notifications – information on all changes for selected businesses will be sent to them via e-mail.

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Image Processing

Neurosoft has been conducting research in the field of image processing since the very moment of establishing the company. This research has resulted in modern technologies connected with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and unique methods of electronic publication of documents.


Digitization of documents

In the digitization process we have used, above all, our own technologies and tools. The requirements connected with scanning documents of very poor quality or untypical formats forced us to design our own equipment – ‘work scanner’ (“skaner dziełowy”).