New version of NeuroCar BackOffice

At the beginning of March this year Neurosoft has launched a new version of NeuroCar BackOffice – version 3.2. The new system for vehicle traffic data collection and analysis has several new key features such as the new measurement structures "route" and "junction", visualization module for TMC traffic incidents and improved data filtering capabilities.

NeuroCar BackOffice is a computer system used for traffic data collection and analysis (Big Data). The system works with NeuroCar terminal devices and is used to analyze the huge volume real-time data.

In the next version of the system the two new measurement structures were introduced, “route” and “junction”, which facilitate the work of all users responsible for traffic planning and management. New structures allows the traffic analysis of selected sections and relationships examination of various routes having at least one common point.

The second important new feature is the ability to collect and visualize information about traffic incidents distributed digitally within the TMC (Traffic Message Channel) in the public radio network. With this feature it is possible to study the correlation between the situation on the road (traffic jams, accidents, traffic congestion), and the behavior of drivers.

The latest version NeuroCar BackOffice also introduced a new data filtering mechanism to all modules and views. It gives the user a more convenient and faster way of information retrieval.

Software update to the new version will be carried out free of charge to all customers with an active maintenance contracts. Testing new functionality is also possible in the demo environment –, access to which is possible after contact with the Sales Department of Neurosoft at

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