Neurosoft among Polish Champions

Neurosoft has joined the elite group of 10 Lower Silesian companies which fulfill a global strategy of development. The aim of this operation is to intensify work promoting Polish business abroad and the Lower Silesia region in Europe and all over the world.

Since 2011 Polish Champion assists local companies in their global aspirations and helps to strengthen their position on foreign markets. The candidacy of Neurosoft – representing IT branch – was accepted by existing paricipants: AB, Clarena, Hasco-Lek, Impel, Kruk, Rawlplug, REC Global, Selena, TelForceOne and Toya. According to program’s assumptions, in the program can participate only companies, whose head office is located in Wrocław and have at lest two foreignbranches – in the case of Neurosoft, the condition was fulfilled when a subsidiary in Germany and an office in Silicon Valley were opened in 2013.

The Polish Champion unitecompanies that represent trade spectrum from finances via medical and building materials production to these providing technological development based on Computational Intelligence, like Neurosoft.

A platform of business development which was orchestrated by Wrocław Agglomeration Development Agency is actively patronized by the mayor – Rafał Dutkiewicz and the West Chamber of Commerce (Zachodnia Izba Gospodarcza).

” Inviting new companies to participate in the Polish Champion is a testimonial of their achievements and an evidence of their important role in development of local business. We are proud of the fact, that Wrocław is going to be represented worldwide and that our city turns out to be a perfect location to lead a global activity.”- say the mayor of Wrocław on the web portal of Polish Champion.

Definitions and links

– Computational Intelligence – is a branch of computer science dealing with engineering processes that are based on natural intelligence. This kind of science is inspired by research involving the theory of evolution and genetics. It uses results and resources which are based on research on Artificial Intelligence. However, it uses algorithms based on neural networks, in it’s definition the Computational Intelligence deals with the theory and methods of solving issues that can not be effectively written as algorithms (footnote 1). Its practical application can be found in efficient conversion of digital signals, where intelligent picture analysis is included. 

footnote 1. W.Duch, Where does the computational intelligence go?, Department of Computer Science , Nicolaus Copernicus University,


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