Neurosoft conquering the United States

Neurosoft as an innovative company, takes part in 2nd edition of US-Poland Innovation Hub program, organized by US-Polish Trade Council. The main idea of the project is to help some Polish companies to interact with potential partners from the United States.
Our export team – Piotr Bardadyn and Janusz Wrobel, stays in the United States since 10th of July. During their stay and travel from coast to coast, they held numerous meetings, appear on seminars and fair trades . The primary goal is to choose the right partner to represent Neurosoft’s interests beyond the ocean. As far Neurosoft conquered state Michigan, which is the leader in the development of road technology. Our team held numerous meetings with local government and visited the University of Michigan, what can result in an intercontinental pilotage project. The next stop in their trip was the University of Stanford, where Neurosoft also held some meetings.

Conquering the United States continues and our team already sees prospects for cooperation with companies from Silicon Valley, which is a huge success and the opportunity to develop Neurosoft. Thanks to cooperation with US-Polish Trade Council our team gains experience in contacts and the local business culture, what will certainly lead to success in the future.

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