Neurosoft became a member of the International Society for Weigh-In-Motion

Since January 2016, Neurosoft is a member of the International Society for Weigh-In-Motion - the world's largest organization devoted to weighing in motion systems. For many years this International association, based in Zurich, Switzerland, has been connecting all the leading manufacturers and institutions operating in the sector of road telematics.

ISWIM’s most important goal is to promote the development of technologies used in the system of dynamic weighing. Since 1995, every four years, it helds an international conference, which is an opportunity to exchange experience and benefit from the knowledge of members of the organization. Every year ISWIM also organizes regional workshops related to the issue of weighing vehicles in motion.

Neurosoft may prove to be a valuable member of ISWIM due to the proprietary software, based on neural network technology. Thanks to a strong team of R&D (Research and Development) Neurosoft successfully creates innovative solutions connected to intelligent transport and road safety systems. The result of its work is the product NeuroCar Weigh-in-Motion, which is an effective tool for monitoring oversized vehicles. It enables automatic detection and identification of overloaded or oversized vehicles without stopping them. The main elements of the system are a dynamic scale, vehicle identification system, and a computing terminal which controls and monitors the measuring processes and data transmission. Currently, Neurosoft is the first company offering commercial solutions for complex identification (number plate, make, model, color) of vehicles in motion on the basis of image analysis.

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