Meeting in Gothenborg summarizing the first part of the Opticities project

On 10-12.06.2015 the Steering Committee Meeting in Gothenborg was held. The meeting concerned the Opticities project where Neurosoft takes part as the only company from Poland. Participants -25 partners from 6 European Union countries- summed up the midpoint of the project.

The Neurosoft’s representative was Bartosz Czapiewski – project manager in the Opticities project. He presented the final system architecture, which was divided into two work package.

Within the first work package (WP1), the team had to prepare a system that would collect data about passage of vehicles from the measuring devices deployed at the entrances to the city of Wroclaw. As a result, it was created appropriate tool for the real-time data collection, which include: preselection weighing, measuring dimensions of the vehicle, identifying the make and model and license plates and ADR plates. Then, the data is aggregated in the Traffic Management Centre in Wroclaw. A complementary part of the task was to prepare a tool to extract data (dynamic and constant) of the current situation on the roads of Wroclaw. The aim of the whole WP1 was to collect and systematize data on the vehicle and the conditions of the city in one central system.

Another work package (WP5) describes the system preparation to generate routes for dangerous and non-standard vehicles. This system is supposed to use the data prepared as part of the first task (WP1), on grounds of which it will calculate the most efficient route passing for the specified vehicle. In order to the vehicle could take advantage of the designed functionality, it should be equipped with on-board navigation unit. A model of such a panel, as part of Opticities, was supposed to developed by Volvo, which for internal reasons has suspended its activities in the project. For this reason, the Neurosoft team came out with the initiative in interception the task by preparing a dedicated navigation substitute.Its role is limited to the necessary functions:

  • it receives and displays all the information prepared by the central system,
  • it generates routes for a specific vehicle, which had previously sent a request to propose routes.

System architecture visualisation is shown in the short movie.

[MOVIE] Bartosz Czapiewski, Project Manager from Neurosoft, shows the functionality of the system created within the Opticities project.

The project is also a test platform of created tools /systems /standards, with making full documentation of them.

“Demonstrating the full work results adequacy to the demand of Road Safety structure will contribute to their implementation in the larger cities of Europe,” ephasizes Bartosz Czapiewski.

The upcoming challenge for Neurosoft are the official system tests of the WP1 and WP5 tasks that are scheduled between 06.07.2015r, and 05.10.2015r. Neurosoft for three months will be testing the system for the driver navigation and generation routes in the metropolitan area. The task of the newly created tool will be to optimize the route for the driver of a truck carrying dangerous goods or non-normative, thereby protecting the urban area against:

  • excessive carbon dioxide emissions
  • noise
  • outflow of dangerous substances
  • the destruction of roads by overloaded vehicles

After testing, Neurosoft will receive feedback on the operation correctness from the drivers in the form of completed questionnaires.

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