Colombia is testing a smart guardian of the road

In mid-October 2014, the NeuroCar system has been implemented in Bucaramanga, by the Colombian partners of Neurosoft.

South America is another continent where NeuroCar systems were launched. Neurosoft implemented a comprehensive system with a module of automatic number plate recognition, at one of the intersections in the city center of Bucaramanga.

Due to the nature of the country, it was important to make the system recognize also the number plates of one-track vehicles. Test ANPR system has been implemented as a solution to the problem of increased vehicle theft in the city  – said Justyna Fedrowicz, manager of Colombian project.

NeuroCar will also provide statistical data on the vehicles passing through the city and will be used as an intelligent “guardian” watching over the observance of traffic rules. This solution can serve as a support in the control of traffic.

The system has been adapted to the local traffic specificity and is used for operational tasks. Development Department of Neurosoft improves the visibility of vehicles using data aggregated by the device. As a result of these activities, that improve road safety, appropriate talks has been held. The dicsussios are aimed at the implementation of another systems to support traffic safety based on a comprehensive identification of the vehicles in major cities in Colombia.

The project has successfully passed the test phase. Our Colombian distributor plans to extend it to the next intersections. He has also been holding talks with the authorities of other cities interested in NeuroCar – Provides Piotr Bardadyn, Director of Sales at Neurosoft.

The uniqueness of this project underlines the fact that its full configuration was done remotely. Availability of NeuroCar technology is based on a secure Web communication and involvement of local partners. Partners are able to install the system themselves After that, with the remote participation of Neurosoft, system is launched. The current experience gained in global markets confirmes the ability to implement traffic telematics systems regardless of the distance.

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