Audioscope will find words you are looking for in the database of sounds

It understands a query in the form of text or speech, and answers in the form of an indication of an audio recording fragment in which speaker used the demanded phrase. Audioscope is an innovative system automatically searching for phrases in collections of recordings in Polish.

The new project of Neurosoft, Wroclaw University of Technology and University of Wroclaw is a response to Polish market demand. There are more and more possibilities to collect audio data, but there are still no tools that allow people to quickly search for information in databases.

Audioscope aims to speed up this process and fill the existing gap in the Polish market, at the same time expanding the functionally of products offered by Neurosoft e.g. „e-Protocol” (recording common courts sessions) – says Cezary Dołęga, Chief Technology Officer of Neurosoft.

So far, the project is in the research stage, but now we can predict that it will be used in many institutions associated with audio data collection. Broad databases of recordings being in possession of common courts, Polish Parliament or Senate Offices and other public organizations responsible for security in the country. Commercial entities, such as call centers, contact centers or companies offering media monitoring, should be also interested in Audioscope.

Research project is realized by a consortium of scientific and business – Neurosoft and two universities of Lower Silesia: Wroclaw University of Technology and University of Wroclaw. Effective cooperation between entities ensures clear division of labour, according to the experience of the project participants. The venture is based on a combination of innovative technologies: Automatic Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval and Machine Learning.

To conduct research the consortium received 1 223 375 PLN in funding from Applied Research Programme of the National Centre for Research and Development. The total cost of this project is 1 642 873 PLN. The venture is due to finish on 31st of March 2017.

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