NeuroCourt – a group of products created with a view to improving communication with citizens and transparency of courts.

Within the group, the following are developed:

  • Portal Orzeczeń (Court Judgments Portal) – software for anonymization and presentation of court rulings offered to courts of law by the Ministry of Justice. The website is available to all citizens at orzeczenia.ms.gov.pl.
  • Portal Informacyjny (Information Portal) – software enabling online access to information relating to the case dealt with in court to attorneys and parties.

The systems aim to make available the contents of court judgments via telecommunication networks, in compliance with all regulatory requirements regarding the protection of personal rights or personal data.

As a result of popularization of court judgments, the transparency of the courts’ functioning is increasing, the substantive quality of the judgments improves, the courts’ activities are coordinated and the judgments’ content can be verified. Creating a database of judgments whose resources are made available (having previously undergone the anonymization process) also constitutes an invaluable source of knowledge and information that can be used both by court employees and by anyone interested.

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