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Neurosoft is the author and owner of the first Polish business information portal Ludzie w Biznesie (People in Business) which enables access to documents corresponding with their content, form and graphics to the exemplified copy from the National Court Register. The functionality and method of publication of the data on the website results from Neurosoft’s unique ability to conduct the morpho-syntactic analysis of texts and to combine common information about the people and business entities from different and seemingly unrelated documents of the National Court Register.

The website contains information about the business entities registered in the National Court Register.

The website contains complete information about all the business entities registered in the Register of Entrepreneurs (all companies, over 310 thousand), as well as publicly available information about the entities registered in the Register of Associations (almost 80 thousand).  In the case of business entities, the website contains all the data that have been published in the Court and Commercial Gazette (Monitor Sądowy i Gospodarczy) since the very beginning of the National Court Register (over two million one hundred entries in the NCR since 2001) and which have been developed and consolidated.

We offer access to reliable and updated information from the National Court Register enriched with financial statements and procurement projects from official mass media.

The collected data enable a thorough verification of customers and business partners.

From the very beginning it was our ambition to create a system that would allow each businessman quickly and easily get to business information.

Searching data on this website is based on an intelligent search engine called NeuroScope which thanks to additional prompting mechanisms and query correction makes getting to desired information easier. More information about the business information system is available at www.neurobiz.pl.

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Portal contains data on economic entities operating on the Polish market