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Neurosoft formation


Market debut of speech synthesis program for Polish language: SynTalk 1.0 for Windows OS 3.x


Beginning of cooperation with a company from Poznań: Harpo Sp. z o.o. - on the „AutoLektor” project


Beginning of cooperation with Optimus SA


Market debut of a system for morphosyntactic analysis of texts written in Polish: Neurosoft GRAM 1.0


Neurosoft begins a cooperation with a legal publishing house CH Beck Poland


The first pilot plant of the NeuroCar system in "Smart Intersection" project on the bypass of Syców


Award for NeuroCar system on the third International Fair of Infrastructure TRAFFIC-EXPO in Kielce


Removal to a new office at Robotnicza street. Neurosoft employs 25 people


Premiere of a new 2.0 version of speech synthesizer SynTalk


Neurosoft on the nineteenth Intertraffic 2010 Fair in Amsterdam


Gold Medal at the VII International Fair Traffic Expo and an award in the Leader of the ITS competition for the NeuroCar system


Title of ‘Regional Leader of Innovation and Development 2010’ for the NeuroCar system


Gold Medal at the VII International Fair of Infrastructure Traffic-Expo 2011 (together with IBDiM)


Gold Medal at the 63rd International Trade Fair iENA 2011 in Nuremberg and the Silver Medal at the 9th International Exhibition of Inventions ARCA 2011 in Zagreb for a research project ‘ISKIP’


Silver Medal at the 60th International Fair of Brussels Innova 2011 for Intelligent System for Comprehensive Vehicle Identification


National Leader of Innovation and Development in the category of Innovative Product for the NeuroCar system


Gold Medal at the VIII International Fair of Infrastructure TRAFFIC EXPO 2012 for NeuroCar RedLight


Title of ITS LEADER 2012 in the category of Best Product


The total amount of digitized pages of original documents published online by Neurosoft reached 5 million


Golden Statue in the competition in Innovation in Transport 2012


Innovation in Transport 2012 Award


NeuroCar RedLight promotion at Europoltech 2013 Fair in Warsaw


Traffic Expo 2013 Award at the International Fair of Infrastructure in Kielce


LIDER ITS 2013 Award


Neurosoft’s speech on a conference accompanying the Autostrada-Polska Fair in Kielce


Neurosoft's success on the International Intertraffic Istanbul 2013 Fair


Neurosoft at the European ITS Congress in Dublin


Neurosoft in the second edition of the US-Poland Innovation Hub in the USA


Neurosoft becomes a member of the Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce


Neurosoft joins Polish Champions


Pearl of Innovation at XI Pearls of the Polish Economy Gala at the Royal Castle in Warsaw


Neurosoft at Intertraffic 2014 Fair in Amsterdam


Presentation of NeuroCar products at the International Trade Intertraffic Amsterdam 2014


Winning the tender for the pilot traffic measurements on Bavarian highways


Neurosoft opens a new branch in Hong Kong


Neurosoft representatives at the final gala of the European Business Awards 2014 in Athens


Neurosoft signs an agreement with Daewoo and Korean Telecom for cooperation and exchange of information


NeuroCar system tests in Honkong


Judgments publication system for common courts implementation


Vehicle identification system implementation in Ankara


New address of Neurosoft headquarters- the ITS Centre in Wrocław

Intermingling issues connected with artificial intelligence e.g. speech analysis and synthesis, image processing (character recognition) and natural language processing conjointly with unorthodox data processing techniques give qualitatively new solution within the interface between a man and a machine.

Thanks to a strong team of R&D (Research and Development) we successfully prefer research conducted by us to modern technologies of  products and solutions – we act on the border of science and business. Created technologies are the basis of our products and solutions dedicated to processing and distribution of information presented in various forms and formats (text, sound, image, videogram).

Particularly important applications of our technologies are these connected to intelligent transport and road safety systems. Currently we are the only company offering commercial solutions for complex identification (number plate, make, model, color) of vehicles in motion on the basis of image analysis.


Janusz Wrobel


Founder and co-owner of Neurosoft Ltd. Master of Computer Science, graduated the University of Wroclaw. From April 1982 to July 1989 employed at CSB-System GmbH and CSB-System AG in Germany, initially as a software developer, then a software department manager, and finally as a director of development. Since the beginning of Neurosoft – Chief Executive and Financial Officer.

Cezary Grzegorz Dołęga

CTO / Vice President

Co-founder and co-owner of Neurosoft Ltd. Master of Electronics Engineering, graduated Wroclaw University of Technology in 1990. Researcher at the Institute of Technical Cybernetics from 1990 to 1999. Since the beginning of Neurosoft – Vice-President, Chief Technology Officer.

Elżbieta Osakiewicz-Dołęga

Master of Electronics Engineering, graduated Wroclaw University of Technology. In 2002 completed post-graduate studies of Social Communication and Public Relations at the Higher School of Banking in Wroclaw. Since Neurosoft’s establishment - Head of Sales, since 2011 Director of Administrative.

Aneta Moreton

Master of Laws, graduated Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. In 2002, completed postgraduate MBA. Trainee Legal Advisor at the Circuit Chamber of Legal Counsel in Wroclaw. From 1999 to 2012 employed in Henkel. In Neurosoft Head of the Legal Department.

Piotr Bardadyn

Master of Political Science, graduated from the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Wroclaw in 2003. He built relationships with customers in TP SA, Blue Ocean Dive, Coyote Gesellschaft für gastronomisch Konzeptentwicklung mbH, Mebelland. Since 2011 Head of Sales in Neurosoft .

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Traffic-Expo 2012

Gold Medal

Lider ITS 2013

Leader of ITS

Innova 2011

Silver Medal

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IENA 2011

Gold Medal

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